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  • SENPA is one of the best ways to keep up with a very fast changing industry -The Granary Whole Foods - Orange Park FL.


SENPA is a non-profit trade association of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, brokers, educators, practitioners and service providers that are dedicated to protecting and advancing the natural products industry. 

Senpa membership information

​•    Supporting and encouraging the production, marketing and consumption of nutritional foods, supplements and related specialty products which provide optimum health opportunities to the consumer.  

•    Encouraging the recruitment and retention of businesses for membership whose primary focus is the promotion of optimum health and who agree to observe the SENPA Code of Ethics.    

•    Encouraging adherence to product and label integrity and the development of adequate standards to insure highest quality products where adequate standards do not exist.    

•    Providing education: 4 Road Shows, CEU's, 21 hours at SOHO, website program available.  

•    Encouraging nutritional research and disseminate the findings.  

•    Encouraging laws and regulations consistent with Association goals; and to protect the industry from laws, regulations and other actions adverse to its best interests.    

​•    Serving as a unified voice for the businesses that promote optimum health.

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Membership in this Organization is available to persons or firms involved in, or associated with, the nutritional food industry.


Independent Retailers:
A retail store may join SENPA. To qualify as a retail store you must be primarily engaged in the independent retailing of nutritional products from a self-contained store(s) where a minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the gross sales consists of nutritional foods, food supplements and related items.

Any retailer who engages in the retail sale of private label merchandise bearing labels with word "Distributed By" shall not be construed to be a "distributor" or "wholesaler/jobber" unless the retailer sells such private label merchandise to other retailers for a profit.


Suppliers Membership in SENPA is a separate membership from the membership to the Natural Products Association (NPA). All companies who purchase full exhibits spaces at the SOHO EXPO  are given membership status to SENPA for one year at no extra charge. National dues are paid separately. For more details on National membership, visit Join SENPA and start receiving member benefits today.     

Manufacturer/Distributor: Those firms that manufacture or distribute an individual product or group of products to wholesalers/jobbers, or directly to nutritional food retail stores.  

Wholesalers/Jobbers: Those firms whose principal function is the purchasing, wholesale distribution and marketing of products from manufactured/distributors of nutritional foods, food supplements and related items, and whose business is the selling and wholesale distribution of these items for a warehouse to nutritional food retail stores.    

Brokers: Those firms or individuals who represent manufacturers/distributors in the marketing/sales of nutritional foods, food supplements and related items shall be eligible for membership.


Affiliate memberships are available to persons or firms furnishing goods and services to the natural products industry and is also available to educators with a special interest in natural products industry.

Nutritional Professional and Publisher memberships also available.

Application for Membership: All applicant for membership shall complete and sign the form of application provided by this association.

​Contact SENPA for proper application forms at 727-846-0320 or click on the red link boxes above and to the right.